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Marcos has been working in the Complementary Therapy field since 2008 and with Polarity therapy since 2009. Marcos broad experience in the commercial world before embarking in his 'new life', as he puts it, enables him to understand and be keen in helping people to thoroughly relax and switch off their busy minds and come back to their neutral (natural) state of mind.

Marcos is very excited to have come across to Neutral Space Relaxation® and is able to share with people this effective technique to relax body and mind, not only with individual sessions but training others to become potentially NSR practitioners.

Marcos is an Advanced Practitioner of NSR and a Training Facilitator.

Marcos Viliotti carrying out a Neutral Space Relaxation Session during training Marcos Viliotti - Neutral Space Relaxation - London UK

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Marcos Viliotti

You can contact Marcos direct by email:, or phone: 07956645182 to arrange a session in Covent Garden or check for training dates in Central London location.


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