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Practitioners of Neutral Space Relaxation

Shabana Tanner

Shabana is a qualified Neutral-Space Relaxation Therapist. She is also an ITEC Holistic Massage Practitioner and a Certified Zero Balancer.

Shabana has always had an interest in well-being and healing therapies which have driven her to pursue Neutral Space Relaxation® body work.

Neutral Space Relaxation® is a very restful, and effective treatment for mind and body, and she is very excited to share this type of technique.

To contact Shabana: -

07930 952467

Shabana resides in Worthing on the south coast of West Sussex.

Lynne Sheppard - Bristol Lynne Sheppard - Bristol UK

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Shabana's goal is to bring about relaxation, mindfulness, and connection to the inner body, bringing balance and therefore creating more ease in life.

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